Low impedance with no noticeable signal loss

Over current and over voltage protection

Compatible to IEEE802.3 af/at Mode A

For 10/100Mbpsand pin1&2,3&6

Easy installation

Size: L*W*H (mm) 50*32*22

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Nominal Operating Voltage (Un) : 5Vdc

Maximum Continuous Operating Voltage(Uc) : 8Vdc

Nominal Discharge Current (In) : 3KA

Maximum Discharge Current (Imax) : 5KA

Breakdown Voltage – Lines to Ground : 75V±10%

Breakdown Voltage – Pair to Pair : 150V±10%

Response Time : 1ns

Frequency : 10 / 100 M

Lines Configuration : 1&2,3&6

RJ45 Connector Input : RJ45 Socket

RJ45 Connector Output : RJ45 Plug