CONVERTER-HDMI EXTENDER CM1V – Mini Compressed HDMI Fiber Optic Extender

CONVERTER-HDMI EXTENDER CM1V – Mini Compressed HDMI Fiber Optic Extender

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The mini hdmi fiber optic extender also named as compact hdmi to fiber optic converter,which consists of a hdmi transmitter
and receiver that transmits 1port compressed hdmi video over a single-mode fiber. It has the advantages of long transmission
distance (1-10km), frequency bandwidth, strong anti-interference performance, high safety performance, small size and light
weight. It’s widely used in large-scale multimedia high-definition display, information release and news centers, traffic
guidance and information display systems, outdoor large-screen display systems, large-scale stage display and entertainment
centers, live television broadcasts, multimedia conferences, military command and exercises fields etc.


  • Full digital, visual lossless compression HD transmission
  • Support 1port hdmi input and output.
  • LED status indicates power, optical path, video and other parameters
  • Advanced adaptive technology, no need to make electro-optic adjustment when using
  • Support single mode (0~10KM), multimode (0~300M) fiber transmission
  • Aluminum alloy casing suitable for industrial harsh environments
  • No software settings, support hot plug